Like many others, I have become concerned about my impact on the environment. I have learned that what and how we eat is essential to reduce our environmental impact. There is a lot to learn about this topic, and figuring out where to start can be challenging. I addressed this situation by creating a pitch for a startup company.
There are many moments and situations where we can take action to consume food more responsibly. I decided to focus on grocery shopping.
The product is called Radicle.​​​​​​​
Metaphorically, the company is lowering the fire escape stairs' bottom ladder to help people begin climbing up their knowledge and actions to consume more responsibly. 
Starting customer segment:
These are the three main features of our app:
Although I researched that people say that the store’s easy and convenient navigation improves their experience, I want to test if they want to be advised and if this influences how they navigate the store and what they choose to buy. For this purpose, I designed the following minimum viable product. 
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