This project explores how to enhance human relationships with other beings through varied perspectives and approaches. 
I had the pleasure to design with and for snow in Montreal, Quebec.
I learned...
Snow is an opportunity
One that falls from the sky, one we all get.
She piles up in noticeable quantities,
So much she seems prolific.
Snow is both cold and cozy.
She might seem lifeless, but she is full of life
We hate her and love her,
She challenges our understanding.
Snow disrupts our perception of time and space.
She is magical!
Snow embodies an equilibrium that is perceived,
But not spoken of enough.
She creates and is created by conditions
that keep our world in balance.
Like every great opportunity, snow is ephemeral.
Snow reminds us that change is inevitable.
And that relations make us stronger
A pile of snow is more resilient than a snowflake,
But that doesn't make snow less delicate.
Snow, like me, is heavily influenced by the world
around her.
To create meaningful relationships and interactions with snow, some key explorations were:
-How snow and cold change our perception of time and how we remember those moments.
-I also explored the longevity and continuity of an interaction and its effectiveness in creating a relationship with snow. 
-I noticed that a ritual that involves returning to a place could help you pay attention and become aware of how this place changes. During the whole project, I regularly visited and documented change at the Lachine Canal by taking pictures.
With this project, I want to emphasize the balance that snow embodies. Pointing out the emotional and physical energy snow conveys to a place. Also, exploring and better understanding how our actions and environmental conditions can alter the equilibrium that snow creates and is created by. We cannot be independent, but we can be kind. Especially when interacting with the equilibrium of nature. 
I will send this message by creating a public, temporal tool and an installation that changes through interaction with other beings and surroundings. 

The installation and tool are expected to be placed at a public park in Montreal. People can use the tool to shape snow to interact with the equilibrium of the mobile. 
In this project, I was able to design a tool and an installation. The design could also prompt a ritual by giving people a reason to return to a place regularly. Yet, I don't know exactly how the piece will behave through the interaction; this is an exploration and story that are yet to be discovered.
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