Lucia Ponce Laresgoiti
I am reputable for being a curious, perceptive, and sensitive person. I am also adventurous and active. I am comfortable organizing and conveying ideas. I believe it is important always to be humble and sincere, and I find great value in collaboration, reciprocity, and empathy. Play and humour are valuable. Nourishing care and joy in our lives and practices is also necessary.

I want to create well-focused, straightforward, and approachable designs - design genuine solutions that can easily flow into, transform and benefit existing systems. 

I implement user research and concept validation throughout the design process.

I have experience in 3D modelling and rendering, prototyping and patternmaking for accessories.

I enjoy working with ceramics and participating in sports. 
ORIGIN — WOO Fall 2021 Issue p-64
Industrial Design Intern at Burton Snowboards​​​​​​​